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The Key to Long Term Pain Relief

Diagnosing Spine Pain

Diagnosis is the key to every successful treatment plan, otherwise you're throwing darts hoping you'll find relief. Dr. Manzano takes the time to properly assess and diagnose what is causing the pain. Diagnostic studies may be needed to help aid diagnosis.

Neck Pain

We take a different approach to treating neck pain. While others focus on addressing posture, we focus on identifying what is causing pain. We decrease pain first by relieving pressure and teach you ways to protect the neck. This allows the deep stabilizing muscles of the neck to activate properly and prevent re-aggravation, providing long lasting relief.


You may be asking yourself “what is causing my neck pain? Between each spinal bone there are discs which; provide stability, support, and cushion to the spine when we move. There are also joints on each side of the spine called facet joints. These structures are sensitive to being stretched or compressed. Once damaged or irritated they can send radiating pain up the spine causing headaches, down the spine and even into the shoulder.

Low Back Pain and "Sciatica"

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work. To treat and manage low back pain, we examine the injury first, rule out any underlying conditions that may present as low back pain, determine the cause and study your biomechanics to successfully get you out of pain.

Have you've been told you have sciatica and don't understand what it is? Sciatica general term used to describe the symptom of numbness, tingling and radiation down the back side of your leg and is caused by a number of conditions. Sciatica is not a diagnosis but a finding. Let us help you find out exactly what is causing your "sciatica" and help you beat it.

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